Tracey Jones


Tracey is a highly respected mind management coach and trusted confidante at some of the highest levels of media, politics, sports, business and in the government sector. She is a global keynote speaker on The Power Of Language and has delivered talks and workshops that have challenged thought, ignited change and created connections by empowering individuals to begin their introspective reflective journeys.

Tracey has spent over 10 years within the coaching and mentoring space and has delivered her resilience programmes and methodologies in Mind Management and her own Language Alchemy Coaching ™ to over 4000 individuals and teams raising awareness of the human potential.

Tracey prides herself on Elevating Human Performance through the utilisation of Mind Management techniques. She has an insightful style of coaching and intuitive approach and can uncover those underlying beliefs and turbulent emotions that can hold us back from maintaining our full potential. By learning to strategically manage our thoughts and emotions, we can transform our reactions and bring greater intelligence and clarity to our lives.

Being a trusted and respected confidante to numerous high-profile individuals and their families, she is renowned for her commitment to privacy and discretion. In addition to providing invaluable support to her clients, she also extends her services to the inner circles/teams, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to raising human awareness as a collective, enabling a deeper understanding of each other.

Mind Management Support And Emotional Regulation To Maintain Peak Performance.

Mind Management

What is it?

Mind Management is intangible, it’s about attitude and mental state. Tracey educates her clients to give them a leading edge within all aspects of their lives and elevate their performance. If we think that family problems, long stints away from home, and media trolling do not impact performance, we are very wrong. Each of these issues will impact a percentage of the team and their ability to maintain peak performance. Working through these issues will increase productivity and morale.

Mind Management in individuals/teams/families helps to build a culture of intuitive individuals who are able to forward plan, regulate emotions and transfer their skills to other areas of their lives. It allows for personal understanding at a deep level, often becoming a preventative solution rather than a cure.

The greatest investment you can make is with yourself. Learning the language of your unique mind.


With her heart centred on uplifting and empowering others, Tracey’s personal mission extends beyond just helping top performers and their inner circles to maintain full potential. She prioritises nurturing the growth and development of our youth by equipping educators with invaluable resources and techniques to pass onto the next generation. As a dedicated coach, she is committed to positively impacting individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Tracey has created an innovative online programme that aims to empower young people on their journey towards adulthood. The Preparation for Adult Life (P.A.L) programme is the result of her deep sense of social responsibility and her genuine desire to help young minds discover their full potential. With a strong focus on mental and emotional wellbeing, PAL seeks to build resilience, confidence, and self-awareness in the next generation of leaders. PAL also provides a safe and supportive space for young people to grow and thrive, equipping them with the tools and skills they need to navigate life’s challenges with grace and fortitude.

Building upon this programme, she has also devised the PGP (Personal Growth Programme) for adults for anyone seeking to understand themselves on a deeper level, these programmes will guide you to further understand oneself.

They can support individuals to:

  • Understand their core values, enabling them to recognise how they impact on decisions, big and small, they make each day.
  • Bolster their confidence and resilience.
  • Further develop their emotional intelligence.
  • Enhance their soft skills toolkit.
  • Develop a strong reflective mindset- enabling them to make clearer decisions.
  • Amplify their understanding of their triggers.
  • Deal with various situations that they may face in their personal or work life, including those curve balls that may come their way.

Language Alchemy Coaching

Language Alchemy Coaching

Through the transformative practice of Language Alchemy, Tracey’s style and brand of coaching helps individuals unlock their full potential and elevate their performance to new heights. With a keen focus on behavioural language patterns and insightful questioning, Tracey guides clients towards a deeper understanding of their minds and the mechanics behind their thought processes, enabling them to read and listen to the connection between their own unique mind and body. Aiding them to reframe situations in real time and elevating human performance.


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