Tracey Jones

OUR PAT methodology



Having the time to process what’s happened/happening.

We are all unique individuals, and we process life events in very different ways. Mind management mentoring is the education piece. Tracey delivers support for the person with their transition.

This could be:

  • Divorce
  • Sport Injury or retirement
  • Selling your company/home
  • Media stress
  • Family pressures

She carefully works through this phase with the person educating them on how the mind processes specific information. Why certain thoughts and behaviours manifest are down to how they are neurologically wired. Working through the science of the mind through open dialogue and informed discussions enables understanding the ‘why’. We spend as much time here as the person needs.



what does acceptance look like for the person?

This ‘letting go’ part of the process can be the hardest phase. Here, the mind management education and the in-depth 1:1 dialogue come into play. What is acceptance? The words and the thoughts will be unique for each individual. 

Many of the responses here can be fear, anxiety, anger, worry and loss. Who am I? What’s next? Tracey is particularly mindful that this phase can be highly sensitive, and she works through this at the pace that works for the person.

Tracey spends time (when they are ready) to help release and unhook unwanted emotions starting to give more purpose and hope. Respecting this phase is critical to enable the person to release emotional attachment to the transition that they are facing.



Here we start to move into strategic thinking, bringing the passion back alive for the next phase of their life.

We have worked through the unwanted emotions in the acceptance phase and now begin to use the habit loop to place new emotional responses onto the transition phase. All along educating the person on how their unique mind is wired through lifelong habits of the mind.

Tracey will break down the strengths, core values and flow performance enabling them to start to see where these fit into their transition phase. Her unique blend of mind-mapping techniques, visualisation and script writing in this phase will enable the person to wire their future self into their present mind.

Gaining a deeper understanding of self, enabling them to work through triggers in real time, realign values when they become misaligned and create a strong new chapter of their lives.

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