Stress affects many people, including politicians. Despite the increased awareness of the various pressures that politicians are under, there is still a major stigma associated with speaking about it in the political world. I work with the individual and their chief of staff to ensure a smooth running of the office, enabling stressors to be released rather than build up to breaking point.


  • Media elevation
  • Press intrusion
  • Online scrutiny
  • Juggling personal and work life balance

Many politicians are hesitant to discuss their mental health or struggles in public due to potential backlash from the public and their peers.

Various issues can lead to increased stress, which can lead to poor decision making, fatigue, and even burnout. This can then lead to a lack of productivity, ineffective policymaking, and an overall decrease in public trust in the political system. Working closely with many politicians I enable a safe space to discuss the issues that they are currently facing.

We have also created an online programme to support the staff within the offices. This online programme can also be facilitated by us enabling an opportunity to elevate human performance within the workplace.

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