Tracey Jones


With a heart centred on uplifting and empowering others, my personal mission extends beyond just helping top performers and their inner circles to maintain full potential. I prioritise nurturing the growth and development of our youth by equipping educators with invaluable resources and techniques to pass onto the next generation. As a dedicated coach, I am committed to positively impacting individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

As a visionary coach and educator, I have crafted powerful programs that have earned national recognition and empowered hundreds of educators. The National Academy in Wales has lauded my work, which has supported hundreds of Head Teachers and senior advisors. I am acutely aware of the daunting challenges modern education faces, from tight budgets to teacher attrition. That’s why part of my mission is to ensure that these methods are integrated into the very fabric of the Teaching Practice Syllabus.

I have also created an innovative online programme that aims to empower young people on their journey towards adulthood. The Preparation for Adult Life (P.A.L) program is the result of my deep sense of social responsibility and my genuine desire to help young minds discover their full potential. With a strong focus on mental and emotional wellbeing, PAL seeks to build resilience, confidence, and self-awareness in the next generation of leaders. PAL also provides a safe and supportive space for young people to grow and thrive, equipping them with the tools and skills they need to navigate life’s challenges with grace and fortitude.

As statistics show, child depression, anxiety, and self-harm have risen, tenfold since the pandemic. The new age world we live in continually brings new challenges and what we focus on, grows, and what we think about, expands. The mental health of thousands of young children and teenagers is reaching a crisis point and, unfortunately, a lot are unable to seek help, or face long waiting times for support. We need to redirect our focus, create change and take control of this before we have a new pandemic on our hands”.

My aim is to establish the PAL Foundation by Autumn 2023, with a clear mission of making essential resources available to all young adults

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