I have been a mind management coach for about 9 years. I began my career as an educator giving me solid foundation to this part of my chapter. During my career within education I enjoyed mentoring newly qualified teachers where I suppose my path within this industry started. I thrived from being able to support people and watch them grow.

In 2013/2014 I found myself going through my own life’s issues and decided to seek support. I quickly recognised that this support was very powerful and decided that I did not only want to build myself back up but wanted to transfer the skills to others.
Since then I have worked around the clock on mastering various skills and techniques and now dedicate my time to teaching other the language of their own unique life. I have a passionate and energetic approach to my work where I gracefully challenge people in elevating their life, drawing in on interpersonal skills and the values within.  Being known for my discretion and privacy enables my clients to feel safe whilst working through their problems.
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